How do I use my new Uplay Keys?

Congratulations on your purchase of Uplay keys from our site!

To use your new Uplay key you need to the Uplay game client installed on your PC.


Step 1 - Install Uplay and log in

If you don't already have a copy of the Uplay client installed, download and install it from, click on 'Download Uplay for PC' and download the uplayinstaller.exe.

If you don't already have a Uplay account then one can be created whilst the Uplay client is installing. Visit to create an account

Once Uplay is installed, run the Uplay client and you will see the login screen:



Step #2 - Redeem your Uplay code within the Uplay client


1. Open the Uplay client and log in using your Uplay account.


2. Click on the key icon at the top of the window

3. Enter your code in the "Activation Product" field.


4. Click on Activate

5. Your game will be provided to you and will be available in the 'Games' section of the Uplay client.


For more information about the Uplay client, how you can install, uninstall or verify a game, read this article.


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