How do I use my new Steam Keys?

Congratulations on your purchase of keys from!

To use your new Steam key you need to have a small game manager installed on your PC, MAC or Linux machine - the Steam Client.


Step #1 - Install Steam and log in

If you don't already have it installed on your computer please refer to this article for details of how to install the Steam client.

You will need to login to Steam using a Steam account, if you don't already have one please refer to this article for details of how to create a steam account.

Step #2 - Enter your Bundlestars code into Steam to release the game

After you have logged into your Steam account you use the keys you have received from Bundle Stars to add the games to your Steam library so that you can download, install and play them on your computer- please refer to this article for more details of this process.

Step #3 - Sit back and play your game

Enjoy your game, install the game from the list in your Steam client and play it!

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