Are Steam Keys sold by BundleStars region locked or globally redeemable?

If you're wondering, whether a game be activated in your country...

Some games are region locked, meaning either that they cannot be activated at all in specific countries or that they activate alternative (e.g. lesser violent or without specific content such as Nazi related) in specific countries.

We endeavour to always indicate if this is the case within each specific game's "System Requirements" or on the main Bundle offer page - please check the "System Requirements" for all games in a bundle before buying if you're concerned about whether the game can be activated in your region.

Unless otherwise states, to the best of our knowledge, keys provided via our site can be activated in any country.

Additional information can sometimes be found via by searching for the game's steam id number which you can find by clicking the link included in each game's description to view the game on Steam.

If you are still unsure, please create a support ticket to contact us and ask about it.


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