Pending order - What is it?

Sometimes a 'Pending Order' is shown in your account.

They will automatically disappear within 2 hours if no payment is received for it.

Pending orders are nothing to worry about and it doesn't mean that you'll be charged twice.  

When you have completed a payment for an order it will become 'Complete' (or sometimes Manual Authorisation) and you will be returned back to our site.

Remember, if you've accidentally closed your browser and not completed a payment then simply order again.


  • If you don't see a screen to select your payment method when you click "Proceed to checkout", check that your web browser doesn't have an adBlocker (or similar, e.g. AdBlock Plus) active that might prevent you transitioning from to - we use Adyen to process payment.
  • May 2017 - There is a small bug on our site for some users, you will get a duplicate 'Pending Order' if you log in during the checkout process.  You will not get charged twice - the pending order will be cancelled within 2 hours.



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