Order Status "Cancelled" or "Payment Failed" - Why was my card declined?

A "Cancelled" or "Payment Failed" order is an order which was bounced by our payment system.   

The main reasons for this type of order is:

  • The payment process wasn't completed, e.g. the tab was closed without confirming payment method details
  • Using a credit or debit card and the 'Verified by Visa' step was cancelled or not successfully completed
  • Insufficient funds in your bank
  • Using a card which isn't authorised to purchase from the UK. (Some gift and prepaid cards cannot be used to make payments outside of the local country).
  • A transaction is blocked by your bank pending fraud authorisation.  Your bank will normally call you using an automated system.
  • Choosing the wrong card type when you make your card type selection.
  • Using a pre-paid (gift) card via the VISA or MasterCard payment methods - try the "PayPal" payment method instead and select "guest" checkout (if you don't have a PayPal account)

Your card/bank account provider may be able to provide you with an explanation for the payment being declined - they will not tell us because that information is confidential.

Some users have also reported that script or ad blocker extensions/add-ons can cause payment to fail - to eliminate this possibility, try using a different web browser that doesn't have extensions or add-ons installed.

Some Greek customers have found that their payments are declined because of the capital controls currently in place which prevent payments to organisations outside of Greece.

You will need to re-try a cancelled order if you want to order.  There is no system for re-trying a failed payment.

If you believe that payment was taken from your account but your order is showing a status of "Cancelled" or "Payment Failed" please contact us with the order number and (if applicable) the "Order Description" field contents from the PayPal transaction.

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