How do I use my discount voucher?

Voucher codes which apply additional discount to orders are offered periodically.

They may be provided:

  • Through the website, in which case they can be used with any account
  • In an email sent directly to individual customers, in which case they:
    • May be specific to the email address they were sent to and cannot be used with other accounts.
      If your voucher code is rejected as invalid, check that you're logged into using the email address to which the voucher code was sent
    • May only be used once

However they are provided, discount vouchers are only valid for a defined period of time and may not be used in combination with some games and bundles (usually from specific developers or pre-release titles).  If you attempt to use a discount code with a game/bundle that isn't permitted a message will appear in your cart alongside the product indicating the code is not applicable to that product.

To use a discount voucher, simply:

  1. Add all the products you want to purchase to your card.
  2. View your cart.
  3. Enter your discount voucher code into the box below the list of items in your cart (red below) and then click the "Apply" button (green below):

    Codes are usually case sensitive, so take care to enter the code as you saw/received it.
  4. Check that the discount has been applied and the cart price decreased appropriately.
    If the code didn't work:
    • Don't proceed if you don't want to purchase at the original price - the discount cannot be applied retrospectively
    • Try the voucher code again, taking care to ensure correct upper/lower case characters are used.
      If the issue persists, contact support noting:
      • Your email address
      • The voucher code
      • A description of the issue.
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