Why doesn't my SUMMER10 promo discount voucher work

For general details of how to apply a voucher, please refer to this article.

If your voucher is not being accepted, please check the conditions listed below to ensure that you have entered the voucher correctly and do not include any excluded products in your cart.


The voucher:

  • must be entered either all in UPPER CASE (i.e. SUMMER10) or all in lowercase (i.e. summer10), all combinations of UPPER and lower case will be rejected
  • is valid from Monday 7th August at 08:00 until Thursday 31st August 2017 at 23:59 (all times in British Summer Time)
  • can ONLY be used for orders with a minimum value of GBP2.00, EURO2.00,
    USD2.00 or CAD2.00
  • can be used multiple times and applies a 10% discount to your final basket price.
  • CANNOT be used in conjunction with any other voucher.
  • CANNOT be used with:
    • Bethesda titles
    • bundles
    • titles appearing as a Star Deal
    • pre-purchases
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